Traditional Thai Massage            60mins/$85     90mins/$120     120mins/$170

              Package 3 or 6                                x3/$240  x6/$450  |  x3/$345  x6/$660

Thai Massage is different

It is a very active massage by stretching the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the body to relieve joints. Unlike any other body work, this massage is based on the idea of work with the body "Sen" and the energy pathways that combine gentle yoga stretching with muscle compression and acupressure techniques. Fixing your energy flow has a major impact on your health, body and mind!

Therapeutic Tok Sen Massage   60mins/$90     90mins/$135     120mins/$175     

                   Package 3 or 6                           x3/$255   x6/$480  |  x3/$390   x6/$750

Tok Sen is extremely therapeutic 

Done with special Tok Sen tools all the way from Thailand, this massage is combined with the Traditional Thai Massage. With the wedge and mallet tool all the acupressure points and sen lines are worked on with a heart beat rhythm. Soothing the muscles and creating circulation throughout the whole body. This massage is one of a kind and the best combination of ancient healing art.

Thai Massage 
First time clients only
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Fascia Blaster Massage               45mins/$75      60mins/$95      90mins/$135

          Package 3 or 6                               x3/$210   x6/$390  |  x3/$270   x6/$510  |  x3/$390   x6/$750

Fascia Blaster Oil Massage is Instant pain relief  

With only one session you will feel looser. This massage is done on the table with oil and I use the wonderful fascia blaster to stimulate and break down tight fascia, muscles and cellulite. It helps define the body while getting into those tricky spots of our soft tissue. This is one of the best oil massages you can get, mix that with Thai Massage and say goodbye to pain. 

Combination Oil Massage         60mins/$90     90mins/$130

               Package of 4                                     x4/$340         |         x4/$500 

Combination Oil Massage is rejuvenating 

With the continuous touch from head to toe, this massage naturally balances your energy and body. The flow aligns your body's vibration leaving you relaxed, euphoric and inspired. This massage combines Lomi Lomi, Auyrvedic and Thai styles to give you the most benefits in one massage. It detoxifies the body, soothes the muscles and joints, improves harmony, clears the mind and more. The techniques of this massage are long strokes, using hand, forearm, palm and fingers. Your body, mind and soul will thank you.

Add On - Sauna / Hot Tub        30mins/$25      45mins/$35                                          

Relaxing Sauna and Hot Tub

Enjoy our luxury sauna and hot tub as an add on to a service of your choosing. The sauna is perfect for warming up your tired body or for a much needed detox. Have a sauna before a massage, it helps your treatment and it gets the circulation going. This pairs beautifully with the Facia Blaster Oil Massage because it works best when the muscles are warm. 

Relax and unwind in our roof top hot tub while taking in the mountain and lake view. Let the hot water and bubbly jets pamper your body until you slip into pure bliss. We suggest having a hot tub after a Thai Massage treatment to help further the healing. Whether it's the sauna you want or the hot tub, maybe both, please come and unwind with us.